What is the all about?

When Egyptians Relief Association (ERA) founder William Tadros visited his motherland, Egypt, 1986, he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of poverty. Poor people occupied every street corner. His heart broke over the sight of the starving young child with ripped clothes, the man unable to feed his family, the old lady who could barely move. Logically, Mr. Tadros realized he could not help every poor person who he encountered.

 Although he could offer them limited funds, how would they continue to live?
   That is why the ERA is not simply about helping the poor of our motherland. It is about empowering them to help themselves. It is a unique concept, in which the ERA helps the needy become self-sufficient in a short period of time. The ERA turns the poor helpless man into a businessman, by funding and establishing a small project for him to own. In addition, the ERA provides guidance and support for the new business.

   Most importantly, the ERA restores hope in a loving and gracious Father, Who never leaves His children.

God has used the ERA to put a smile on so many poor Christians in Egypt. Will you be a part of this growing ministry and join Him?  

ERA IS A Non-Profit Coptic Organization here in the US, EGYPTIANS RELIEF ASSOCIATION. Since its inception, the ERA has approached the Coptic issue differently than any other Coptic non-profit. we have established a business model whereby the ERA not only help the struggling families in Egypt financially, but also help these families become self-sufficient in short times. By establishing small project to the needy and provide direction and support as long as needed, ERA turns the less fortunate into business people. While most business enable the families to become self-sufficient, many other bring enough income to help other families start their new businesses. In all, ERA has done more than talking about the Coptic issue. It went out and helped the needy and offered something they can touch on daily basis (that is food along with hope and support). It also prevented many conversions through making it possible to young generations to have some income and afford to get married and avoid temptations. I would like to ask you to make it possible for ERA to continue its much-needed work in Egypt. I would like you to help ERA reach as many churches in the US and abroad as they can. We want to expand their reach so they may bridge between the capable Copts and the needy once.