Examples of funded projects included:

+ Audio cassette copying machines

+ Photo copiers

+ Machine to produce plastic bags

+ Equipment and supplies to start a hardware store and fast food restaurants

+ Personal computerscomputer6.gif (7546 bytes)

+ Chicken, cow, goat, and rabbit raising units

+ Equipment and material to run a bakery

+ Steel cutting machine

+ Soda machines

+ Sewing and knitting machines

+ Shoe-maker equipments

+ Vegetables stands

+ Mini Marts setup



We would like to share with you the story of Sanaa Moussa, a young widow

(42) who lives in a small apartment in a village in Giza with her

unemployed father and young children.  The family lives on a small

pension that does not cover their basic needs.  Our reps in Egypt worked with

her and established a small grocery store in the entrance of the building

where she lives.  The small project was a success.  The family finances

improved significantly, the kids can now find good nutrition, cloth, and

education.  Our reps are currently working with Sanaa trying to find a

suitable place for a larger store close to her house.  Your donations

made and can make a huge difference in protecting many such families.