Q: Can I sponsor a  project for a needy family?

A: Yes. you can direct your contributions to establish a specific project for the needy family of your choice.

Q: Do I have to sponsor business to contribute to ERA?

A: No. Many of our supporters chose to make general donations. Whether you decide to sponsor or give in general, assistance is based on need.

Q: Can I contribute materials to the needy?

A: Yes, if you are travelling to Egypt, please contact us prior to your travel to let you know what is needed.

Q: What other non-monetary support can I offer?

A: We appreciate volunteer help in any form. Telling your friends and acquaintances about ERA is a good start. And we love to hear from you. Even a little feedback can help us improve and expand our services.

Q: Are you part of consolidated campaigns?

A: Yes, as well as the Combined Federal Campaign (for Federal Government workers) and other State Government Campaigns.

Q: What are your administrative costs?

A: Less than 10% on average. An audited financial statement is available upon request.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible?

A: Yes. Our employee identification number is 54-1459980.