Organization Plan


To help needy youth and families in Egypt through establishing small Scale projects.


As volunteers in the States are collecting donations, representatives in Egypt are busy analyzing and overseeing the projects.  Our main representatives, along with numerous church servants, have developed a questionnaire to obtain detailed information about proposed projects from needy young men and women who have ideas for new projects but lack funding.  The reps conduct a comprehensive feasibility study of the proposed project and provide technical and marketing advice.

If the project is approved, together with the applicant, our reps Purchase the required equipment and products.  Their work does not stop here.

They continue monitoring the progress and growth of the project, and in some occasions, provide opportunities for marketing the products among church members.  Best of all, our representatives follow up with the participants and their families spiritually ensuring that they are close to God.


The results of this work are magnificent.  The number of financed projects is steadily increasing, and more people are coming closer to Christ through this work.  Our reps tell us that the association helped protect many youths and families from several sources of temptations.  It is always exhilarating to learn that a number of those who were helped earlier continue to help others through the association, reflecting God's blessing to this service.