Poverty exists in every nation on the face of the earth. Egypt is no exception. Poverty is nothing to be ashamed of. God has allowed the poor to live side by side with the rich in order to separate those who have mercy from them who have no mercy. The ERA has adopted the cause of the poor among the Coptic Community and the response of merciful people has been overwhelming.


Egypt has been blessed by God. The Holy family took refuge in Egypt. St. Mark the Evangelist founded the oldest church in Egypt. Egypt is the land of too many good and beautiful things. You will never find as much love in any nation as you find in Egypt. The Egyptian people believe in a loving and compassionate God, and the majority is hospitable and very generous. Hundreds of families who have chosen to seek a new life outside Egypt go back to visit, spend nice summers, some chose to stay.

Needy families among the Coptic Community account for at least 20% of its population of 12 million. Most of them live in Upper Egypt as poor farmers. In large cities, thousands live on garbage dumps as in Zabbaleen, El Zarayab, Ezbet el Nakhl. They lead very miserable lives, and their children cannot afford going to school, half naked and hungry. Thank God for the beautiful sun and the warm weather that help them to survive.

May God keep Egypt safe and prosperous through the prayers of H.H. Pope Shenouda III and the intercession of our Blessed Mother, the ever-virgin Mary and all saints and martyrs, Amen.